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Leadership Team

Who wants to hang out with teenagers?  Our Youth Leadership Team, that’s who!  We’ve got a great group of people who are committed to helping you grow, serve as mentors and friends, and see you through your teenage years and beyond!  Because of their commitment, you’ll know these folks throughout your college years and on into the adult world!  Check out the list below to see who’s working in your area, and then introduce yourself to them this week when you attend Sunday morning or Wednesday night activities!  You’ll be glad you’ve gotten to know them while you’re at First Baptist.

Junior High TeamHigh School TeamYouth Ministry Staff

Seventh Grade
- Marty Priest
- Dianne Priest
- Kerry Miller
- Natalie Dailey
- Sandra Babers
- Ben Goodyear
- Aaron Cain
- Alan Capps
- Nate Hartzfeld

Eighth Grade
- Richie Haschke
- Martha Osborn
- Jordan Allen
- Beth Stearns
- Wayne Burgdorf
- Nathan Stearns
- Andrew Rhodes

Ninth Grade
 - Brad Scott
- Leigh Scott
- Tracey Cook
- Scott Taylor
- Erica Taylor
- Shelly West
- Daryl West
- Moses Dachen
- Kanke Dachen
- Larissa Olson
- Xala Gardner

10th Grade
- Tanja Burgdorf
- Tammy Fiset
- Lynn Allmon
- Nancy Allmon
- Theressa Krodle
- Brian Mosley
- Jennifer Mosley
- Jay Crumley
- Ashley Crumley

Eleventh Grade
- Mark Craig
- Lori Craig
- Richie Haratine
- Megan Haratine
- Laura Kennemer
- Jeff Kennemer
- Russell McCaskill
- Karen McCaskill


Twelfth Grade
- Cody Bush
- Heather Bush
- Nick Stautzenberger
- Shelley Stautzenberger
- Russ Dilday
- Suzanne Dilday
-Courtney McDaniel
-Ethan McDaniel
- Doug Steffensrud
- Holly Steffensrud


Kurt Krodle
Minister to Youth



Caleb Wade
Associate Minister to Youth



Position Open
Girls Ministry Associate

Position Open
Youth Ministry Assistant