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Technology Drive for Missions

FBCA has an opportunity to support our mission efforts in Southeast Asia by simply giving away what we aren’t using! Missionaries have recently found a wonderful medium for ministry by using technology to spread the gospel. In this modern day and age, technology is growing in importance daily, and we want to take advantage of that! You can help by donating your used tablets, smartphones, and SD cards.

How will the technology be used?

Most people in this area of Southeast Asia have a phone. Also, most of the phones have an SD card slot, and are able to play music and sometimes videos. We are able to use our gospel-centered, digital resources by copying it onto their devices through the SD cards. We are also able to load up the phones and tablets with this information to share with the people there. They can be encouraged by the Word and be exposed to some quality, culturally-appropriate worship music or even watch the Jesus film or other testimonies of believers. Technology has become a huge part of cultures worldwide, and we want to take advantage of this opportunity to spread God’s word.

What items are we looking for?

We are looking for tablets, smartphones, and SD cards. In addition to looking around the house for and outdated/old devices, you can ask your business for unused devices or if you find a sale on cheap ones.

  • TABLETS – We would prefer android tablets because of their SD card slots, but we welcome any tablet.
  • PHONES – We need smart phones with at least 4gb of memory in order to contain all the resources we want to put on them
  • SD CARDS – We need 4 of 8gb SD cards because they are the only ones that will fit into the older phones of the people to which we will be ministering.

 What happens next?

Turn in technology to the FBCA church library

Our computer committee will take your electronic devices and clean them up, wipe the memory off the tablets or smartphones, and then pack them for delivery to Southeast Asia workers during the fall.


During a recent time in the market, Deepak (a Southeast Asian believer who is a good friend of one of our workers) ran into an old friend from school. He was able to share the Gospel, but also wanted to give him some other resources. He took out his tablet, inserted his friend’s SD card, and copied over the Gospel of John and a video testimony of a person from his belief system, in this case, a Hindu who had come to faith. In addition, Deepak shared a few songs — one he had just sung with his friend and others that he hopes to sing with him when they meet again.