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Study to Make Him Known

We are committed to constantly equipping everyone to be disciples who make disciples.  The information below reveals some ways in which you can engage in leadership development for global ministries.



The HarvestPanoramaBible Study Lessons

A seasonal journey into discipleship

Currently Closed for Spring 2014.

The Harvest is an introductory look into discipleship facilitated through a small group setting that meets every other week.  We explore the importance of the gospel, baptism, prayer, scripture, family, church, the Lord’s supper & the great commission.  The goal will be to discuss these things in an atmosphere of worship and loving accountability.  For any other questions or details about future groups please contact Jerimiah Smith.

Missions 101

If you’ve been a part of FBCA for any length of time then you know that we embrace the philosophy of church-based sending.  That means we send our own “cross-cultural workers” to live in other cultures throughout the world in order to advance God’s kingdom.  Maybe that’s you.  Maybe God is calling you to go.  This is a church that wants to embrace, equip and support that calling.  Panorama is a comprehensive small group study aimed to prepare people to be sent as long-term workers.  As one of the chief member churches in the KINEXXUS network (formerly GCPN), we have the curriculum in place to provide the type of training such a calling would require.  If you want to know more about this process and pursue additional training then please let us know or read about Panorama at FBCA.  Here are your some options to consider:

Perspectives – this is missions 101 at its best.  Each Spring semester FBCA partners with several other Arlington area churches to host this dynamic missions training.  It’s 15 weeks long with 15 different exciting speakers that cover the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic approach to missions.

Intro to PanoramaThis is a basic introduction to our personalized training for future workers.  It’s designed for a small group setting and is discussion based.  Over the course of about 15-20 weeks these intentional moments of community will help shape and evaluate your call to missions.

Advanced PanoramaThe content for this study is also designed for a small group setting but is geared specifically for those who have affirmed their call to be sent.  Even if you don’t know “where,” once you have resolved the Lord is sending you then this in-depth study will help equip you to be sent by our church.

We’d highly encourage each and every Sunday morning Bible Study to set aside three weeks a year to review these lessons.  If it’s not on a Sunday morning then maybe in a small group throughout the week.  In any context, these lessons provide reveal the primary missional strategy of our church.  Find out the details here.