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Leadership Opportunities

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This team prepares equipment and supplies for the ordinance of baptism and assist the baptismal candidates and the pastor before and after the candidates are baptized.

Bereavement Team Member

After the death of a family member, this team can help share the burden by providing food for the family on the day of the funeral. The choices are vegetables, salads, or deserts. Each need would be for ten people.

Grief Share

This team exists to help those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. GriefShare is biblically based and Christ centered. The facilitators provide comfort, encouragement, and hope. Facilitators also need to have walked in the shoes of the participants as well as have a lot of compassion and love for the hurting.

  • We especially need prayer warriors during the hours of 4-6 on Sunday afternoons, for our participants as they go through this time grieving, and for the facilitators that are leading the group.
  • We would welcome new folks to come on board if they have suffered loss and are willing to go through a time of training and attend a full 13 week session.
  • We would love for anyone to help us with the purchase of workbooks, new books for our GS Library, Bibles, devotional books and cold drinks.
Homebound Ministry

This team’s purpose is to foster communication between active church members and our homebound friends. This includes visiting, calling, sending cards and notes, praying with, delivering flowers, and caring for homebound members’ special needs.

Women Hospital Visitation Volunteer

Women volunteers are needed to commit to helping with hospital visitations one day each month. You choose the day of the month that is most convenient to go to the hospital to visit church members.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessors meet during the day, seven days a week, and pray for the prayer requests that are given in the worship services, to individuals or by phone. The team members pray for church members and non-church members, and keep these requests strictly confidential.

Lord’s Supper

This team is responsible for making sure the set up and presentation for the observance of the Lord’s Supper.  This includes ordering the supplies, setting up the tables needed, filling and refilling the trays between services, and clean up.  This happens 4 – 5 times during the year.


This team assists couples and their families with a wedding ceremony that can bring glory to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the family, and one that will be a pleasant memory for themselves, their family, and their guests. The main role is making sure everything runs smoothly during the rehearsal and actual wedding day. No wedding planning experience needed.

* Immediate Need at this time