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Mission Lessons (study)

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Our church established the Strategic Global Mission Oversight Committee (SGMOC) to help us develop a strategy for mission. This committee has already led us to make some key decisions that will enhance our mission work and channel our efforts more effectively.

One of the responsibilities of SGMOC is to provide materials for mission formation in our body. These three Bible study lessons represent the first attempt of this committee in this regard. Three of our committee members have written this curriculum to assist our church in developing a better understanding of the biblical basis for mission.

As you study this material, you will discover biblical interpretation, factual information, case studies and discussion questions – all designed with you in mind! These lessons are for the local church. The local church plays a strategic and irreplaceable role in the accomplishment of the Great Commission. God has chosen the church as His instrument on earth. What a privilege!

So, I want you to study these lessons. Look for ways that you can be more invested in and more supportive of the mission endeavors of our church. Listen to the voice of God as you study and reflect. Discuss how He is leading you in your Bible study group. Challenge each other to be more deeply committed to the mission task at hand.

Our mission efforts are crucial at this point in our history. You play a role in these efforts. I am praying for you as you seek God’s will for your place in the mission journey.

Your Pastor,
Dennis R. Wiles

Click on the Links to view the lessons:

 Make Him Known… God’s Calling (Gary Stidham)
 Make Him Known… the World’s Brokenness with The Fulani Adoption Covenant (Ross O’Brien)
 Make Him Known… Our Response (Sheryl Smith)

Curriculum Outline
  • Lesson Title
  • Focal Text (primary Bible passage)
  • Thesis Statement (lesson summary)
  • Teaching Aim (what’s the goal of this lesson)
  • Introduction/Motivation (why does this matter?)
  • Examination/Exegesis/Commentary (what does the Bible say about this?)

  • Illustration/Case Studies (what does this look like in real life?)
  • Application/Discussion Questions (what should I do about this?)

About the Author’s

Gary Stidham has served as the Director of  Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas at Arlington since 2003 and has been a member of First Baptist Church for 9 years. Gary graduated with a BA in mathematics from San Angelo State University and earned his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Gary serves our church on the Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee and as a leader in the “20 Something” Bible study group. He is married to Teresa and they have two sons, Joshua and Benjamin

Ross O’Brien is Associate Professor of Management at Dallas Baptist University. He has been a member of First Baptist Church for 10 years and has been active in mission outreach, serving as a volunteer for Mission Arlington and leading a team to Sierra Leone. Ross also heads up the Strategy Team of the Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee. Ross graduated from Baylor University and earned an MBA at Dallas Baptist University and a PhD at the University of Texas at Arlington. He and his wife, Lisa, have two college-age sons, Conner and Colin.

Sheryl Smith is a Project Management Professional and Consultant with Hudson Advisors LLC and has been a member of First Baptist Church for 20 years. She graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a BA degree. Sheryl has served our church in many capacities, including Finance Committee, women’s Bible teacher, and Director of Women on Mission. She also serves as a Deacon and a member of the Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee. Sheryl is married to Greg, and they have two daughters, Megan and Amy, who are married and raising Sheryl and Greg’s grandchildren.

Give to Make Him Known

Click here to find out how you can Give to Make Him Known.  Find out below where your money will go.

The World Mission Offering is collected separately from our budget gifts.  This offering is designated by percentage to a variety of incredible mission activities here and abroad. Through it we support Mission Arlington and our mission endeavors and missionaries around the world.  Click the plus sign to learn more about how this offering is broken down and distributed.

World Mission Offering

Direct Mission Support (33%) – FBCA is a sending church. That means we are built to train and support people who have decided to follow God and serve in another country. When you “Give to Make Him Known,” you are helping support young individuals and families to serve God across the world. This currently includes the Bonnets, Herreras and Towerys who serve in Sierra Leone and Japan.

Mission Arlington (20%) – If we can share Jesus in other countries we can do it right here in our own city. Led by Tillie Burgin and a host of other faithful workers, our church has been reaching out to the needs of Arlington for more than 25 years. When you “Give to Make Him Known,” you are helping support this local ministry that continues to lead many to Christ.

Volunteer Mission Team (20%) – Every year hundreds of volunteers from our church get in a van or on a plane and travel to key parts of the world to share the gospel. We send short-term teams to Sierra Leone, Niger, Costa Rica, Brownsville, New York, Japan, India, China, Torreon and Spain. When you “Give to Make Him Known,” you help these teams make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Baptist Family (18%) – One of the best things about our Baptist family is its long-time commitment to missions. Whether it’s focused here in Texas or across the world the Baptist family continues to reach the world for Christ. Through Mary Hill Davis (state missions), Annie Armstrong (U.S. missions), Lottie Moon (international missions) and World Hunger, when you “Give to Make Him Known” you support these Baptist ties that continue to take the gospel across the world.

International Friends (4%) – Each Wednesday morning for more than 40 years, our church building is filled with people from all over the world. They come to hear Bible stories, do crafts and learn English. On any given week we may have up to 35 countries represented on our campus. Many of the people who come don’t know Jesus and are given a chance to hear through the friendships they build. When you “Give to Make Him Known” you help this ministry continue to reach people from around the world who are here in our own city.

Christian Women’s Job Corp (3%) – This ministry reaches out to women in need to help equip them for life, employment and enriching relationships. This is women helping women with an opportunity to share the gospel. When you “Give to Make Him Known” you help these women embrace new opportunities.

Community Connections (2%) – Engaging our local community is a priority of FBCA.  Whether it’s mentoring children through Kids Hope or welcoming thousands of people onto our campus at First Fest, Community Connections is focused on taking the gospel to our neighbors.  When you “Give to Make Him Known” you help mobilize our church to reach our neighbors.

Included in FBCA’s budget is the Cooperative Missions Giving Plan.  This shows how our annual church budget allocates funds to our cooperative missions.

Cooperative Missions Giving Plan

Our annual church budget includes the following cooperative mission giving distributions:

This Cooperative Mission Giving Plan was recommended by the Strategic Global Mission Oversight Committee and approved by the Church on February 5, 2012.

Global Missions Glossary

Advocacy: providing needed support for cross cultural workers on the field, including prayer, counseling, encouragement, information and representation with our church.

Church Planting: establishing a self-sustaining, reproducing group of Christ-followers in which the members are growing in their faith and obedience to Jesus.

Cross Cultural Worker: a missionary; one who reaches across language, ethnic and socio-economic lines to fulfill the Great Commission.

Discipleship: the process of becoming a mature, obedient, reproducing follower of Jesus.

DMSC: Direct Mission Sending Council; on June 13, 2007, First Baptist Church created this group and tasked it with responsibility for recommending missions candidates, managing financial resources, and monitoring and supporting our commissioned cross cultural workers.

SGMOC: Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee; on August 1, 2010, First Baptist Church created this group and tasked it with responsibility for evaluating the infrastructure of our global ministry endeavors and assisting in making appropriate recommendations to ensure that our church has the needed structure to accomplish our global missions strategy.

UPG: Unreached People Group; an ethnic group in which less than 2% of the population claims to be Evangelical Christian or less than 5% claim to be a Christian of any type (Joshua Project). Other considerations include the absence of Scripture in the group’s heart language and the lack of indigenous church presence.