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Posted: September 22nd, 2014

Special thanks to the following members of the TMS Ensemble who sang so beautifully for FFF this past Thursday – Anabeth Field, Gloria Cox, Francille Tamplen, Linda Seager, Eloise Thorne, Doris Whitlock, Judy Minter, Monty Tucker, Carl Long, Charles Goetz, James Lanmon, Ray Drake and accompanist - Barbara Burkins.  Thanks for sharing “If My People Will Pray”.

We’ve started our Christmas musical – “He Is Here”.  We have 8 Thursdays to learn this musical and get it ready to sing for our community during the month of December.  Every Thursday is an important rehearsal time – faithful attendance is a must!  Don’t forget to purchase a CD of the Christmas musical from Jim Cook at TMS.  Cost is $10.00 each.  Listening to the CD will help you so much to learn the musical and to sing with the accompaniment track.

TMS is a choir for adults 55 + who love to sing and can meet on Thursday mornings.  It is directed by Beth Goetz.  Please invite friends to come and join us as we make plans to share the “good news”!  Extra!  Extra!  Now is a great time to join TMS!