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Orchestra Ministry Description

As a member or prospective member of this great ministry of First Baptist Church, we want you to be fully aware of the importance of this organization to the worship vitality of our church. As with any worthwhile endeavor there are expectations of both leader and member alike. Below you will find the overarching Mission and Covenant Statements for the First Baptist Worship Ministries as well as specific descriptions of what you can expect from your staff and the expectations vested in all members of this worship team.

I. Purpose Statement and Covenant for Worship MinistriesII. As a staff we will provide:III. As a member you will be expected to:IV. If you are a prospective member:


Purpose Statement and Covenant for Worship Ministries
The Worship Ministries exists to glorify God through the authentic biblical worship, both personally and corporately, of those He has entrusted to us. Our purpose is also to discover, cultivate, and empower leaders who influence others for the Kingdom of God.

Instrumental Worship Ministries Purpose Statement
Our Instrumental Worship Ministry exists to glorify God through the musical support of our corporate worship by utilizing the unique giftedness of those He has called to serve in this ministry. Our purpose is also to develop these gifts by offering a graded approach, allowing for many engagement points into this ministry. Finally, it is also imperative that we discover, cultivate, and empower leaders who influence others for the Kingdom of God.

I understand that entering into this Worship Ministry is an important calling which will take time, energy, consistency, and commitment. I, along with the other ministry members, covenant to:
Pray for this ministry, our church and our community
Proclaim the Good News and love of Jesus Christ through the various media of creative
Participate in all services and rehearsals with as much regularity as I can
Practice diligently and regularly, realizing that my absence diminishes our potential
Promote this ministry among our membership that all who need to may heed God’s call to
join us


  • Prayerful leadership
  • Core beliefs and values
  • Support for all the ministries of our church
  • Adequate preparation
  • Appropriate care for you and your family
  • A calendar of scheduled worship leadership and rehearsal dates
  • Good communication—the primary vehicle is the Spotlight published each Wednesday night. If you are absent it is available online at FBCA.ORG. Information will also be sent through Planning Center Online.
  • Music and materials to aid in worship and rehearsal (including audio files on Planning Center)
  • Structured rehearsals designed to facilitate musical, spiritual, and community growth


  • Prepare spiritually.
  • Regularly attend Orchestra rehearsals and your respective Sunday Worship Service.  Please attend both services as needed for “fuller” orchestrations. If unable to attend Wednesday rehearsals, you may attend Sunday mornings at 8:45.
  • Support special occasions and events involving our Sanctuary Orchestra. Check all calendared rehearsals and performances and let us know of any conflicts as soon as possible. Block your unavailable dates in Planning Center.
  • Sign-out or tell Emily if you will be out any given Sunday.
  • Realize the team and ensemble nature of the orchestra.  Without your preparation in joint rehearsals our ability to perform as a group is diminished.
  • Be on time for rehearsals, sound checks, and performances. Allow adequate warm-up time before each.
  • Check the Spotlight each week for pertinent information
  • Care for others in our orchestra and worship ministries. Be aware of the youth sitting around you on Sunday mornings. Mentor them. Help them develop their musicianship and feel included.
  • Have fun!


  • Please fill out visitor information.
  • We ask you to attend three rehearsals before joining.
  • Make an appointment with Emily Klophaus to determine part assignments.
  • Prayerfully consider the importance of commitment to this demanding and rewarding ministry.

Our work is important.  We believe in the message that we bring.  We want to do our utmost to serve the Lord, our community, and each other.  Together, we will seek God’s strength and leadership so that we may sing His praise.