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Awaken Singers


Awaken SignersRehearsals

The Awaken Singers will be one of our team resources in the 9:30 Awaken service. This is a group of singers that will lead in the Awaken service occasionally. The Awaken Singers will meet as scheduled to rehearse, and at 8:30 on the Sunday morning that they sing for sound check and rehearsal with the band. The Awaken Singers will work to enhance the congregational music for the Awaken service (similar to a Hillsong model). The lay worship leaders for the Awaken service will be chosen from this group. Email Emily Klophaus for more information about this exciting ministry.

The AWAKEN SINGERS will rehearse on designated Sunday afternoons. They will rehearse with the band and get sound checks at 8:30 on the designated Sunday mornings when they lead worship. As an additional rehearsal tool, please utilize for music and downloadable listening tracks (email Emily to be placed on Planning Center Online and you will receive an email that will give you further instructions).

Dress – please don’t wear shorts or short skirts. Remember that you are worship leaders, and also remember that the platform is elevated, so please dress appropriately.

Emily – 817.798.6733