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Suggestions for Teaching the Bible at Home

  1. Buy your child/children their own Bible. Encourage them to take it with them to Sunday school. Read the Sunday school Bible story from their own Bible at bed time.
  2. Read Bible story books, watch Bible story movies and play Christian music. All of this will help show the importance of God’s word and the way He wants us to live.
  3. Be intentional about relating what is happening in the life of your family to what you have read or listened to from God’s word.
  4. Keep a family journal of prayer requests and the answers that follow. Talk about how God provides and blesses your family.
  5. Memorize short scriptures or Bible phrases. Put the words to a simple song or add hand motions to the scripture as a way to help your child remember the words. Practice saying or singing them in the car together. Song suggestions: “The Farmer in the Dell’, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, or “Twinkle, Twinkle”.
  6. At bed time, make it a routine to pray and Thank God for what He has done. Children are naturally good at thinking of things to be Thankful for. Use this time to talk about the good things that have happened during the day.