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Who is Kinexxus?

Kinexxus is a collaborative network of churchesaffinity-based sub-networks, and Kingdom Partners who have committed ourselves to a cross-cultural witness of Christ throughout the world. Our aim is that all the peoples of the earth know and worship Jesus Christ and that His church multiplies.

Why Kinexxus?

We believe God chose the Church for this kairos and empowered God’s people for this unique age. We seek to understand our times – relying on the Spirit of God to reveal the best course of action in taking the Gospel to the world.

The world has changed. In a flat world in an age of connectedness, movements are ignited by powerful ideology transmitted through communities and networks. This is the kairos in which we live. The Kingdom of God has the potential to be united and expanded like never before. Network to network, church to church – across nations, boundaries and borders.

Kinexxus seeks to strategically connect God’s people for the sake of His glory and fuel the efforts of our participants and partners through provision of informationservicesstrategic connections and community.

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