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Suggestions for Leading a Small Group

Thanks for your willingness to step up and be a leader. Taking responsibility for leading a small group can be a little frightening and intimidating. That’s OK. Courage isn’t the absence of fear… it’s acting in spite of your fears!

Here are some things to remember as you think about your role as group leader.

1. Leading a small group isn’t about your confidence and ability. It’s about GOD and what he wants to accomplish through you as a facilitator. Acknowledging your weakness is the best way for GOD to be glorified. Prepare well. Work hard. Trust GOD!

2. Getting the group to connect starts with your honesty. As you choose to open up and be real, the rest of the group will feel the freedom to do the same. Share your story. Admit your struggles. Don’t pretend!

3. Don’t be afraid of silence. If you’re asking real questions and you want real answers, you have to give people an opportunity to think before they respond. Maybe you need to restate the question. If silence makes you nervous, get in the habit of counting to 10 or 20 in your mind before saying anything. GOD can work in silence!

4. You don’t have to know all the answers. This is part of the whole “honesty” thing. When you’re not sure, ask the group: “What do you think?” It can lead to great discussion. If no one knows the answer, and it’s worth pursuing, agree to all research the issue and talk about it the next time you meet. It’s shared learning!

5. Don’t be afraid of disagreement.  It’s OK for people to have differing opinions about things. While we have “zero tolerance” for personal attacks or physical violence, sincere disagreement is acceptable. It’s not up to you to convince anyone. It’s up to you to make sure your group is a safe place for everyone. We want unity, not uniformity!

Things to keep in mind…