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Guidelines for the Office of Deacon

The New Testament word deacon means servant or minister.  Deacons chosen by First Baptist Church of Arlington should be both Christian servants and role models.  The following guidelines are given to assist the membership in nominating persons for deacon.

The Guidelines for Deacons are primarily based on Acts 6:1-6 and 1Timothy 3:8-13, interpreted in light of the full message of Scripture.  Based upon the guidelines below, church members, using their personal knowledge of the nominee, may nominate men or women who have been members of First Baptist Church of Arlington for at least a year:

  1. Have a good reputation and be respected in church and community.
  2. Be truthful and wise in word and deed.
  3. Show evidence of spiritual maturity, Christian character, and a moral and ethical lifestyle.
  4. Be sound in doctrine, having genuine faith in Jesus Christ nurtured by Bible study, prayer, and worship.
  5. Demonstrate responsible stewardship of possessions, giving at least a tithe through First Baptist Church, Arlington.
  6. Demonstrate the ability and willingness to serve in needed areas of the Church.
  7. Be faithful to and responsible in family life, creating a home environment where Jesus is Lord.
  8. Be supportive of the pastor and church staff as well as the worship, ministry, and organizational life of the church.
  9. Be willing to regularly attend deacons’ meetings and fully participate in the deacon program.
  10. Abstain from the use of alcohol as a beverage.  Likewise, deacons should be willing to abstain from any other substance which could be harmful to other people or could damage their witness for Christ.

Guidelines for the Office of Deacon Emeritus

A Deacon Emeritus may be elected by the church at its discretion in appreciation for long, unselfish and exemplary service in the work of the Lord through this church.  A Deacon Emeritus shall have all the privileges of an active deacon.

Our church has adopted an FBCA Constitution and Bylaws document that sets forth our governance and outlines the offices that our church recognizes. According to this document, the Pastor is the spiritual leader for the church. Ministers are to work alongside the Pastor to assist in leading the congregation. Article V of this document addresses the role of Deacons:

Article V Deacons
Deacons are Christian servants who are asked by the church to serve by maintaining the unity, integrity and usefulness of the church’s ministry.

Section 1. Deacon Council. The work of the Deacon Council shall include the following:

  • Strengthen Sunday School ministry through personal involvement and leadership. 
  • Permeate the congregation with the mission, vision and program efforts of the church. 
  • Listen carefully to the congregation. 
  • Give wise counsel to committees, staff and pastor. 
  • Support specific ministries of this church. 
  • Accept deacon committee assignments. 

The Deacon Nominating Committee accepts nominations for:

  • New deacons to serve on the Deacon Council
  • Formerly ordained deacons to serve on the Deacon Council
  • Deacon Emeritus

The committee will consider men and women who have faithfully served our church body in accordance with the guidelines listed in the 2nd tab.  Only members of First Baptist Church of Arlington may make nominations.

New deacons will be ordained by our church to serve a three-year term beginning in April of each year.

Formerly ordained deacons will also serve a three-year term beginning in April of each year.  See 3rd tab for a list of ordained deacons.

Deacon Emeritus is a recognition bestowed upon a deacon who has served our church body faithfully and well for many years.  He or she may continue to serve on the Deacon Council as desired.

If you wish to submit a nomination, please complete this form below.  Each nomination will be considered in December of this year.

The Deacon Nominating Committee requests your prayers for wisdom and guidance as careful consideration is given to each nomination.

(by First Baptist Church Arlington or by another Baptist Church)

*Don Adair
*Sondra Adair
*Lynn Allmon
*Nancy Allmon
*Jack Ballou
*Donald Bass
*Andy Berry
*Becky Berry
Craig Bishop
Mark Bishop
Bob Bourgeois
Dale Bradley
Raymond Brown
*Wayne Burgdorf
Elizabeth Caffey
*James Caffey
Jeff Caffey
John Chaney
**Mervin Childers
Jim Cook
James B Cook (Jim)
Mark Craig
Tom Crites
James Crumley, Jr.
*Jacque Cummings
Terry Cunningham
Edward Dake
Dan Dalton
David Damron
Rebecca Dark
*Bill Darroch
Dalton Davis
Dub Davis
*Mike Davis
Tom Dean
*Russ Dilday
*Jeff Dossey
John Dowdy
Ray Drake
Rod Ekern
Mike Enger
Doug Engle
Neal Estes
James Farr*
Joe Ferrell

Clarence Fink
*Ron Fink
Alan Fonner
*Joseph Frazier
Joe Friberg
Dan Friend
Bob Fuston
David Gardner
Reginal Garrison
*Kerry Giles-Miller
Charles Goetz
*John Goodman
*Lynn Goodman
*Charles Goodyear
*Jack Goodyear
*Stephen Graham
*Gordon Graves
Lee Hagelstein
Bob Hall
Murry Hall
L.H. Hamilton, III
Kay Hanes
Tom Hanes
Verne Hargrave
*Richard Haschke
*Bob Hazlett
*Mel Henderson
*Wanda Henderson
*Carey Hendrickson
Sara Hinson
Elizabeth Hostin
Lonnie Hostin
*Bert Hughes
Chad Hullender
Deanne Hullender
*Vance Hunt
Melvin Jasek
Barry Johnson
Jay Johnson
Clifford Johnston
*Sam Jones
*Dan Kaylor
Richard Keathley
Kenneth Kilpatrick
Sue Kirkpatrick

**Bill Kitts
*Peter Knapp
Kurt Knapton
Peggy Kulesz
Dallas Lacy
Barry Lane
Jim Laney
Charles Lanningham
*R. D. Lee
Ron Lee
Steven Leist
Dennis Linam
LaVon Link
Olivia Lockhart
Frank Martin
Mac Martin
Jimmy Matsler
*Robert Mayers
*David McCarver
Ann McCaskill
*Scott McCaskill
*Mackie McCollister
Carma McCollum
*Donna McCown
*Steve McCown
Dan McGee
*Calvin McKaig
Charles McKinney
Larry McReynolds
Andy Milliorn
Tim Musgrave
*Cindy Myers
Jean Myers
*Joe Myers
*Tom  Myers
*Bill Nichols
*Kenneth O’Neal
*Kyle O’Neal
*Spencer Olesen
Larry Patterson
Robert Patterson
Jerry Peebles
Milton Pittman
Graham Prewett

Harold Raines
Robert Rainey
Fred Rattan
Andrew Rhodes
*Ralph Roberts
Billy Robertson
Albert Rollins
Andrew Schaffer
Rex Schimpf
Richard Smith
Sheryl Smith
John Stanley
*Beth Stearns
Nathan Stearns
Mary Stedham
*Gary Steele
*Robbyn Steele
*Taylor Steele
*Holly Steffensrud
**Jim Stephens
Mike Stephens
Gary Steward
*Reid Stringer
*Beverly Stookey
*Stephen Stookey
Randy Tareilo
*Dale Taylor
*Gayle Taylor
Joe Tettleton
Eric Thompson
George Thornton
Steve Tiemann
*Don Trammell
Kay Trammell
*Mark Trammell
Kenneth Turner
*Mark Wade
Jack Wages
Darryl West
*Bill Wheat
*Reagan White
Stan Wilkes
*Jeff Williams
*Karen Williams

*  Presently serving on the Deacon Council
** Deacon Emeritus