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Personnel Committee

Staff Coordinator:
Pastor and Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries

Principal Function:
Address and resolve issues and concerns related to all church employees

Specific Duties Include:

  1. Serving as an advocacy group for the church staff.
  2. Studying staff needs and recommending to the church additional staff personnel
    as needs develop.
  3. Keeping personnel policies current by approving changes in policies as necessary; updating Personnel Manual as needed.
  4. Filling staff positions in accordance with church policy.
  5. Handling such matters as receptions for incoming and outgoing personnel, observing of anniversary events, etc., as deemed advisable.
  6. Working out salary adjustments during the year, as needed, and recommending salaries and benefits to Stewardship Committee for coming year in ample time for budget presentation.
  7. Studying needs for convention and professional development expense (to be used by staff) and recommending the amount needed for budget.
  8. Working in an advisory capacity with Pastor or any staff member designated by him in understanding personnel needs of the church.
  9. Giving assistance to supervisors in working out staff problems. The response should be in keeping with the best interests of the church and reflecting concern for the health, welfare, and potential effectiveness for ministry of the staff member and his/her family.
  10. Performing salary surveys periodically to assure adequate compensation for staff.
  11. Preparing and updating job descriptions for all personnel.

This committee shall consist of 12 members

Additional Information:
Chairman serves on Finance Committee

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson serve on Advisory Council

Meets monthly on Sunday afternoon (1st Sunday of the month)