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Cooperative Partnerships Committee

Staff Coordinator:
Associate Pastor of Educational Ministries

Principle Function:
Keep the church informed about current and potential cooperative relationships with strategic ministry partners and administer the Theological Education Fund

Specific Duties Include:

  1. Distributing Theological Education Fund monies to selected students, institutions and theological education projects.
  2. Reporting decisions regarding the distribution of Theological Education Fund monies to the church annually.
  3. Making recommendations as needed to the Stewardship Committee regarding the Theological Education Fund.
  4. Informing the church of current cooperative partnerships.
  5. Developing forums to discuss opportunities to support our cooperative partners and consider new partnerships.
  6. Fostering cooperative relationships by encouraging church member participation with our strategic ministry partners.
  7. Recommending to the church any actions that the committee believes are necessary to maintain the responsibility and integrity of the church as it cooperates with other groups.

Additional Information:
Chairperson and Vice Chairperson serve on Advisory Council