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Sundays at FBCA

Advisory Council

Staff Coordinator: 

Principal Function:
As representatives of strategic lay leadership of the church, this council will give the pastor and staff a place to cast vision for the church and receive feedback. Through their leadership positions within their respective committees, this council will have opportunity to be instrumental in sharing information and vision.

Specific Duties Include:

  1. Offering the Pastor and staff an opportunity to share vision, plans, and ideas which will affect the ministries and direction of our church.
  2. Facilitating communication of information, as appropriate, to and from this council and their respective committees.

Membership consists of 2 “At Large” members as well as the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from the following:

  • Committee on Committees
  • Deacon Council
  • Cooperative Partnerships Committee
  • Facilities Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee

Additional representation may be identified by the Pastor, Advisory Council, and/or church staff

Additional Information:
Meets as needed, with the Pastor and appropriate church staff.  Usually on Sunday afternoon.