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Panorama (study)

Intro and Advanced PANORAMA at FBCA

One of the resources KINEXXUS (formerly GCPN) is able to provide our church is a developed curriculum that helps provide missional formation for the local church. To get an idea of the sessions this curriculum covers you can visit the website to see the comprehensive list. FBCA has taken this material and offered it to our congregation by breaking it down into both an Introductory and Advanced Group. These groups form and meet throughout the year and are designed to go through these sessions in the context of community. These are not sessions to be taught or experienced in a lecture format but facilitated in group discussion. If you are interested in being a part of one of these groups then please contact Jerimiah Smith for more details.

As a brief overview, the table below gives you a sample of certain topics that could be covered.

Biblical Mandate
Theological Basis/Motive
World Christian Movement
Witness Among Faiths
Strategic Thinking
Church Planting

Biblical Storying
Witness Among Hindus
Witness Among Buddhists
Witness Among Muslims
Ethnographic Methods