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Pray to Make Him Known (crave)

What happens if a church prays?

It’s the burning sensation in our soul. When we long for something with an insatiable desire and an earnestness that cannot be quenched we can feel the burning deep within. This burning takes us to our knees and reveals what it feels like to crave. And as we crave, we pray. We ask our God earnestly for Him to draw near and hear our requests so that the unquenchable may be satisfied. We crave His response.  Read below for details on the next Crave gathering as well as current prayer requests, or help us pursue the vision of Crave

Review the prayer requests below …

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FBCA Overseas Workers

FBCA is a “sending” church.  That means we commission people to “go” all the time and have long-term overseas workers all over the world.  Click through the various regions to see how you can pray for these workers.

West AfricaEast AsiaSouth AsiaEurope

The Herrera Family

Pray for Gabe, Sada and baby Isaiah.  Pray for physical strength for the Herrera family as they continue to faithfully serve in Sierra Leone.  Pray for dental patients to come to know Jesus through continued prayer and discipleship.


The Towery Family

Please pray for language skills and the ministry as Michael and Yu and Luke work with children in several locations in Japan.  Pray for meaningful relationships to emerge in disaster relief efforts and for a movement for Jesus Christ to take place in a country where less than 2% of the population believe.  To hear more about their work, visit the Towery Blog.


An FBCA Couple

Due to security reasons, we cannot disclose this couple’s identity.  Nevertheless, please pray for our good friends in East Asia as they make new relationships and share their faith with those around them!  Pray for God to stir their hearts that they may impact those around them.


An FBCA Female Teacher

Due to security concerns we cannot disclose the identity of our friend.  Pray for our worker in East Asia who is seeking to share the story of Jesus by teaching English.  Pray for safety in this new transition and for meaningful opportunities to quickly arise.


A Young FBCA Family

Due to security concerns we cannot reveal this family’s identity but please be praying for our friends living in Southeast Asia as they have experienced a lot of changes — new location in Asia, a new baby, new ministries!   Pray for wisdom, strength and guidance in all they do.


Three Families working in a Major City

Several FBCA families have traveled to a significant city in the southern part of Asia.  They work with the IMB and help develop strategy for the region, supervise short-term volunteers and provide member care to others seeking to advance the gospel.  Please pray for the safety and spiritual health of these families and that the gospel would spread in a highly unreached area.  For more stories on this region of the world please visit this site.


A Young Female Worker

Another close friend to the FBCA family is serving in one of the hardest to reach cities in the world.  After some recent challenges that have occurred in her ministry there is a need to seek wisdom about the future.  Please pray for discernment, courage and wisdom as she continually desires an obedient heart to the call of God.

A Young FBCA Journeywoman

Due to security concerns we cannot reveal this young woman’s name.  While working in Europe, she has endured with several challenges (including health and constant travel).   Pray for her protection and her ministry to always be effective in this place.


Short-term Teams

There are a number of short-term teams that are constantly going out from our church across the world.  For some basic information on how you can pray for these teams, click on the different tabs below.  

ChinaCosta RicaDisaster ReliefIndiaIndonesiaJapanMexicoNew YorkNigerRio GrandeSierra LeoneSpain

Teams in China

Pray for ministry in East Asia where it is against the law to share your faith.   Pray that our workers will have wisdom and boldness as they minister.  Pray that significant relationships would develop so that the gospel would be clearly proclaimed.  Ask God to grant this team safety and protection.

Teams in Costa Rica

The Cabecar people live in the rain forest of southern Costa Rica.  Pray for their health and protection as well as our teams that go and serve them throughout the year.  Pray that churches would continue to be planted under the faithful leadership of Pablo.

Teams in Disaster Relief

By their very nature, disasters are unpredictable, unscheduled and therefore unbudgeted. Pray for God’s provisions to meet the needs during disasters.   Pray that a team would continue to develop here at FBCA that would be ready and able to respond in such times of crisis.

Teams in India

India is the second most populous country in the world, with over 1.21 billion people (2011 census), more than a sixth of the world’s population.  Pray for revival to cause a spiritual hunger in a country with the most unreached people groups.  Pray for our teams that will go and use Henna Storying as a means to share Jesus as well as seek to disciple new believers.

Teams in Indonesia

Pray for an outpouring of God’s power and the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and convict the hearts of the people of Indonesia.  Pray for our teams and workers in the region to be a faithful presence of God’s grace and mercy.

Teams in Japan

Lift up the thousands of displaced people in Japan who need to know the One who can give real comfort.  Pray for our teams that will go to offer hope and the message of Christ.

Teams in Mexico

Pray for our continued presence in Mexico.  Though the violence is often prohibitive for many parts of the country, there is one city where the Lord continues to protect and open doors to faithfully serve the community.  Pray that the teams that provide VBS and construction projects would reveal the story of Jesus in a life-changing way.

Teams in New York

Pray for seeds of the Gospel to be sown in NYC where millions of West Africans live.  Pray for our teams to effectively communicate the gospel to the people they meet.  Ask God for people’s hearts to be opened to the power of Jesus.

Teams in Niger

Throughout the year we send several teams to work alongside our own overseas workers in hopes to aid in the spread of the gospel.  Pray that the storying and teaching from God’s word would be powerful and effective.  Pray that God would protect the teams that serve so faithfully in a very difficult environment.

Teams Along the Rio Grande

Today remember to pray for workers along both sides the Rio Grande River.   Pray for wisdom in sharing and safety.  Pray for the violence in Mexico to subside and peace to be restored so that the gospel may take root and spread.  Pray for our teams as they try to impact this area for the kingdom.

Teams in Sierra Leone

Pray for God to raise up teams to faithfully go and serve our workers in Sierra Leone.  Pray for our teams to be effective in showing hope to the people of Sierra Leone and that true hope is only found in Jesus Christ.


Teams in Spain

Europe has the new home to some of the hardest people groups to reach.  Pray for teams to go and have an impact on these places so that their hearts and eyes would begin to see the truth of Jesus Christ.  Pray for a faithful commitment for our church to go to these places.

Local Efforts to Reach the Nations

FBCA is committed to reaching the nations that live within our own city.  We do this through local ministries in our church as well as key partnerships cultivated through our denominational ties.  Navigate through the tabs below to see specific requests related to these efforts.

By Your SideCWJCCommunityInternationalsMission ArlingtonResidencesIMBKinexxusBGCTWorld Hunger

By Your Side

FBCA has a ministry that allows our people to connect with international students attending UTA.  Pray that meaningful relationships are cultivated that allow the gospel to be proclaimed in an effective way.  Pray for the hearts of these students to be open to the truth of Jesus.  For details visit the By Your Side page.

Christian Women Job Corp

Today pray for the women of our Christian Women’s Job Corp — the teachers and students.  Pray that lives would be changed and hearts to be transformed by Jesus through these mentoring relationships.  To learn other ways you could pray, visit the CWJC website.

Community Connections

The core purpose of Community Connections is to connect people to The Jesus Way by sharing the Gospel through words and actions both here at church and in the community.  Pray for meaningful relationships to occur that open people’s hearts to the poewr of Jesus.  For more info visit Community Connections.

International Friends

Every Wednesday morning, the internationals of Arlington come to learn English here at our own church campus.  More than 35 nations may be represented on any morning.  Pray for meaningful relationships to develop and hearts to be transformed by the power of Jesus.

Mission Arlington

Pray for the countless lives of those who have been impacted by Mission Arlington.  Pray that as their needs are met they may see Jesus and follow him with their whole heart.  For more details on how to pray for this ministry, visit Mission Arlington’s website.

Missionary Residences

Lift up the missionaries in our Missionary Residences — for rest and refreshment while temporarily in the US.  Pray that these homes would be a source of refuge and strength during their stay.

International Mission Board (IMB)

Southern Baptists have always been committed to the Great Commission.  Pray for the International Mission Board’s (IMB) leadership, workers and vision.  Pray for unity in the body of Christ that we may rally around a love for the Great Commission.  For more details on how to pray, visit the IMB’s prayer page.

Kinexxus (GCPN)

Pray for the growing work of Kinexxus (GCPN) and it’s leadership to cultivate a  network of churches to take the Gospel to the world.  Pray for wisdom, support and guidance as they pursue this calling.  Learn more details on how to pray by visiting the Kinexxus site.

Texas Baptists (BGCT)

Our church has a long and important history with the BGCT (Texas Baptists).  Pray for our continued partnership to be strong and effective in advancing the Kingdom.  Visit the Texas Baptists website for more details on how you can pray.

World Hunger

In round numbers there are 7 billion people in the world. With an estimated 925 million hungry people in the world, 13.1 percent, or almost 1 in 7 people are hungry.  Pray for food for those that need it.   Pray for us to share what we have.  Pray that this generosity does more than fill a stomach but fills a heart with the gospel message of Jesus.

FBCA Missions Committees and Leadership

There are three main committees that lead FBCA’s efforts to make disciples of all nations.  Read through the specific prayer requests below for these entities by navigating through the tabs.

Sending CouncilStrategic OversightVolunteer Team

Direct Mission Sending Council

Pray for the men and women who are tasked to oversee all of our sending efforts.  Pray that the Council would have the wisdom to lead those who have been sent long-term across the world.  Pray they would faithfully follow God’s leading.  For more details on this group visit the DMSC page.

Strategic Global Mission Oversight Committee

The Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee is helping FBCA adopt a missiological strategy.  Pray for wise decisions as we follow God’s mandates about missions.   For more details visit the SGMOC page.

Volunteer Mission Team

Pray for the Volunteer Mission Team that is comprised of all the trip leaders who coordinate our short-term efforts.  Pray for their leadership, their teams and the work they will be doing this year.  Pray for their safety and continued obedience to God’s calling.  For more details visit the VMT page.

The Lost and the Oppressed

As a church, our prayers need to constantly be interceding on behalf of the lost and oppressed throughout the world.  Click on the tabs below for specific ways to pray for the people who find themselves in a deep need of Jesus.

The FulaniInternationalsOrphansTraffickingWidowsPoor

The Fulani

Most Fulani adhere to at least some of the basic requirements of Islam.  Pray for dreams and visions to open the eyes to the Truth of God’s Word.  Pray for a movement among them that would advance the cause of Christ.

Internationals In Arlington

Almost 20% of the population of Arlington is foreign born.   Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with them.  Pray that God would allow your paths to cross with someone that has yet to hear the good news.  Pray that our church would faithfully seek out those that need to hear and proclaim it clearly as we should.


The book of James teaches that pure and faultless religion is to take care of the orphan and the widow.  In the same way that God adopted us through Jesus Christ, may we pray for meaningful adoptions and the care of the millions of orphaned children around the world.  To put your prayers to action visit the Project Restore Hope orphan sponsorship page.

Sex Trafficking

A growing epidemic of sex trafficking is impacting the U.S. as well as the world.  Many young women are taken against their will to feed the lusts of men.  Pray for both the women who are oppressed and the men who drive the need.  Pray that God would liberate both of them and see that true freedom exists only in Jesus Christ.  To find out what you can do about this locally visit Traffick 911.


The book of James and 1 Timothy urge the church to care for the widows.  May we be a church that cares for those within our own community as well as those throughout the world that have lost so much.  Pray that this care and attention would transform hearts to be affectionate to Jesus Christ.

The Poor

Pray that God would give us eyes to see the hurt and impoverished in our city and around the world.  Pray that we would minister to the “least of these” (Matthew 25) with an obedience to have our faith complemented with deeds.  Pray also that the poor would know that only Jesus can truly satisfy.

The Church Universal

Following Paul’s lead, we must always remember the Saints across the world.  In a spirit of thanksgiving and solidarity, we must pray for our brothers and sisters around the world that the Church universal may continue to reveal Jesus Christ.  Navigate through the tabs for specific needs.

BelieversCore RegionsPersecutedBe DisciplesMake Disciples

Indigenous Believers

Indigenous believers can reach their fellow countrymen for Christ like no others.  Give courage to these believers to share their faith!  Pray for our church’s strategic partners: Adamou, Oscar, Pablo, and the Claymans.

New Core Regions

We have already adopted West Africa as one core region.  Please pray that God would reveal two new regions where he wants our church to invest.  Pray for all of our hearts to be stirred by what He’s asking us to do.

The Persecuted Believers

So many come to Christ in places where it could cost them tremendous hardship and even their lives.  Pray for boldness and commitment.  Pray for strength to endure.  Pray that their faithfullnes would inspire all Christians around the world.

The Holy Spirit’s Leading

Our guiding strategy is to be disciples who make disciples led by the Holy Spirit to make Him known.  We must wait on God in everything we do.  Pray that we would follow His ambitions above our own and to always be sensitive and obedient to the Spirit’s leading.

Make Disciples

Jesus calls us to follow so that we can be fishers of men.  Pray that the Lord would strengthen each of us to unashamedly commit to reaching the lost and making disciples of all nations.