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Upcoming Events

Pancake Breakfast(s)                                                                                                                           March 2, April 6, May 11 // 11am

Once a month, we take our normal Bible Study time on Sunday morning to feed you all some delicious pancakes! It’s a fun time just to hang out, meet new people, and eat delicious pancakes (peanut butter, chocolate chip pancakes). We also use this Sunday each month to allow all of you to ask questions that you have been wondering about–theological, daily life, personal–whatever questions you have, we want to try and answer those. If you don’t have any, just listen and you can engage in the conversation if you would like. We hope you will join us for these Pancake Breakfasts!


Our Calling Search & Rescue Service Day (EVENT CANCELLED)                                                   March 8 // 8am-1:30pm

On this day we will join with a ministry called Our Calling as “we search all over the city for homeless friends who are out under bridges, in the woods, parking lots and other isolated places. We will bring the love of Jesus Christ and resources.” It is going to be a great time to serve alongside one another and love on some people who feel unloved. We would love for you to join us but will need to know by March 5 if you will be going! Use the Contact Form below to shoot us an email for more info or to tell us you will be there. As always, you can check out our Facebook page for more on this event or College Ministry in general.

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**More events to come, so check back with us! 

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