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As a college ministry, we gather in formal and informal settings in order to fellowship (hang out/chill), grow and encourage one another in our own life journey, worship God through music, teaching, and prayer, and corporately consume inordinate amounts of caffeinated beverages and donuts.

Concerning formal settings, we gather every Sunday for a church service. While the rock band Maroon Five encourages you to stay in on that rainy Sunday morning, we want to encourage you to get up and join us! On Sunday mornings, rain or shine (like the Post Office), we meet together to drink coffee or tea, catch up on the week’s events, and study the Bible.

We have Bible Study each week on Sunday mornings at 11am. After the 9:30 worship service, head across the street to the Wade Building and join us in the Young Adult Suite on the ground floor.

We also gather on Wednesday nights for the Journey. The Journey is a time of worship for 18-24 year olds. We gather in The Fellowship Hall, that is located at the corner of UTA Blvd and Pecan/Spaniolo St, at 8:30pm on Wed night. At the Journey, we are led in music by a rocking band that invites you to join them in their worship of the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe! Most of the time, that is followed by Nick who will preach a message from the Bible that is relevant and applicable to your journey in life. Though we sing songs and listen to messages, we gather, with our messes in tow, in order to abound all the more in love outside the walls of the church, making that love manifest to other individuals. Find more out at!