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Marriage Enrichment – New Couples Questions


Posted: October 9th, 2014

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October Couples Questions

“So love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, and strength. Memorize his laws and tell them to your children over and over again. Talk about them all the time, whether you’re at home or walking along the road or going to bed at night, or getting up in the morning. Write down copies and tie them to your wrists and foreheads to help you obey them. Write these laws on the door frames of your homes and on your town gates.” Deuteronomy 6:5-9 (CEV)
“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Proverbs 22:6 (NLT)
“Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children.” Proverbs 17:6(NLT)
Children. What comes to your mind when you hear that word?
As much as a person’s life changes when he or she gets married, in some
ways the impact of adding a child is even greater. Committing yourself to an
intimate marriage relationship with another adult is obviously life changing.
But taking complete responsibility for a helpless baby (or two) can be even
more demanding.
Like marriage, parenting has the potential to provide both the greatest joy and
greatest pain in all of life! And while there are certainly choices we make and
many things we can control, it sometimes seems there is much beyond our control.
The Preschool, Children and Youth Ministries of our church are ready to partner with you in the significant challenge of parenting. And our local school district offers education, structure and support once a child reaches a certain age.
But the majority of the responsibility for raising children clearly rests on the shoulders of the parents.

Couples Questions…

  • How has having children – or not having children – affected your marriage?
  • How has the way you were raised affected your attitude about parenting?
  • What thoughts do you have about fertility treatments and adoption?
  • Who do you depend on most to partner with you in raising your children?
  • How do you as a couple handle your differences of opinion on childrearing? Note: you may want to review the August session on “problem solving.”
  • What do you most want to pass on to your children?

Each month we will offer questions for couples to use in having healthy, spiritual conversations with each other. We encourage you to set aside some time – at least once a month – to discuss these questions in a friendly, supportive way.  View the archived questions.