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Leadership Opportunities

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If you find an opportunity that interests you, please click on the NEXT Step button to submit a short form.


If you find an opportunity that interests you, please click on NEXT Step to submit a short form.

Department Director

  • This position is actually the shepherd of a Bible study department, because this person is the coordinator of everything that the department does.
  • Responsibility to oversee planning, prayer concerns, ministry, ordering Bible study curriculum, outreach, and fellowship are a part of the function of this position.
  • Sunday mornings are crucial to coordinate everything that is to happen to ensure that Bible study leaders will have at least 40-45 minutes of class time.
  • There are monthly Department Directors’ Meetings that take place during the Bible study hour where the directors are kept current on upcoming and ongoing matters that need their attention.

Bible Study Teacher

  • This person’s role should actually be one of a “facilitator of learning” rather than that of a “disseminator of information”
  • This person should encourage the class members to move from a place where they are simply soaking up information to a place where there is a change in attitude and action…a place where they are steadily becoming more like Christ.
  • Being prepared to lead a Bible study is a key responsibility each week, but perhaps just as important is being prepared to spiritually stretch the group each Sunday.
  • The teacher is also responsible to oversee the class outreach and ministry needs.
  • A goal for each teacher should be to help class members determine how to take their Bible study and make application of that study to everyday life.

Substitute Bible Study Teacher

  • Substitute teachers are needed to serve as “on-call” Sunday morning Bible study teachers.
  • Length of assignments may vary.
  • We need both men and women – who are church members – and who are at least “somewhat” knowledgeable of scripture – with a desire to teach God’s word.

Care Group Leader

  • This person should be a nurturing person whose compassion towards others will drive them to stay in touch with everyone in their assigned group on a regular basis.
  • They must stay tuned to the needs of each group member, and should relate those needs when necessary to the class.
  • Ministry to class members in need should originate with this person, and the class teacher should be kept informed of any needs that come to the attention of the Care Group Leader.

Outreach Leader

  • Responsible for follow up and reporting on all prospects for that particular department.
  • Prospects are normally assigned to departments as they visit that particular department or by visiting any of the worship services. Information is then sent to those departments each week.
  • The coordination of the assigning and reporting of follow up information is done by this person.
  • The Class Outreach Leader’s responsibility is similar except that they are only responsible for the class prospects.

Fellowship Leader

  • Is the person responsible to plan for and enlist the Sunday morning greeters.
  • These Sunday morning persons should arrive early each Sunday morning to make certain that everyone who attends that department are greeted, and that visitors are introduced to others.
  • Planning and implementation of regular times when the department can gather for the purpose of fellowship, and when they are allowed time to get to know each other on a different level than time allows on Sunday mornings is another responsibility.

Community Connector

  • Is the person responsible to plan and implement projects of servanthood that will involve department members.
  • There are numerous opportunities year round for this to take place, and this is another of those roles to help people to “give back” to others in ways that they don’t necessarily do on a regular basis.

* Immediate Need at this time


If you find an opportunity that interests you, please click on NEXT Step to submit a short form.

Age/Stage of Life Event Planning

  • People who would be willing to serve in planning and implementation of a variety of events planned for the Boomer Ministry.
  • Trip planning assistance.

Talent or Skill Leadership Role

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Vocational training
  • Interests that could enhance the ongoing ministry