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Sunday Morning Bible Study Options

in the 2nd HALF there are Bible study options that begin at 8:00 AM, and are offered in each of our worship/Bible study slots every Sunday morning.  There are age-grouped studies and non-age-grouped studies.  There are large classes and small classes.  There  are gender-specific classes and coed classes.  With almost 1400 adults from age 55 to 101 – involved in our Bible study program…there are options for everyone.  There is also a variety of teaching styles.  We encourage you to visit several different options before joining.


  • 1st HOUR @ 8:00 AM             limited classes
  • 2nd HOUR @ 9:30 AM            there are 13 choices of study
  • 3rd HOUR @ 11:00 AM          2 choices available

Click here to view and download a complete listing of classes with meeting times, age ranges and meeting rooms.