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Administrative Committees

  • Business Management Oversight Committee  This committee is comprised of accounting professionals, preferably Certified Public   Accountants, with responsibilities to act as advisors to the Church staff and committees in matters of business and accounting policy and systems.  Additionally, they are involved with the auditing firm during the audit process.
  • Facilities Committee  Plan the care and upkeep of church facilities and equipment.
  • Finance Committee  Administer church-approved budget, review monthly financial reports, and assist in   preparation of annual budget.
  • Legal Committee  Provides legal advice to the church, ministerial and other staff, and any church organization needing legal assistance.
  • New Ministry Enabling Committee  Provide a clear process for the development of new ministries, particularly non-missions related ministries and programs.
  • Personnel Committee  Coordinate, evaluate, and manage personnel related issues.
  • Stewardship Committee  Promote and develop in church members an understanding of and commitment to the biblical concepts of individual and corporate stewardship.  Also, this committee joins with the Finance Committee to develop and recommend the budget to be presented to the church.