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Shalom…Larry Link

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Posted: June 10th, 2014

Please pray, on a personal level, for another camp…starting next week, LaVon and I will be hosting our 14th annual Cousins’ Camp.  It’s a camp for our grandkids that we do each summer…truly one of our most cherished times of the year.  We started this camp with three grandkids all those years ago when they were very young.  Those three will not be at this year’s camp with all of their work, church camp, and sports activities…but we will still have 6 grandkids this year.  Each year, LaVon and I pour our lives into these kids lives to help them understand our love for them, our love for each other, and our love for God.  They get it!  Each year there is a Bible verse/passage they memorize, devotion time at night…but we have fun from early morning until we are all exhausted each night.  We go places, play in every water park we can find, see movies, golf, see all the sights of this great metroplex, laugh together, eat together, and “do life” together for several days.  Hunny & Papa don’t leave any doubt in their minds how much they’re loved, but neither do we leave any doubt in their minds about how much Hunny and I love each other, and how much we both love God.  This year’s theme passage is from Psalm 1…”The Two Ways”.  They will have to memorize verses 1-3 before lunch on the first full day…or, they don’t eat.  They’ll all have it down.  It’s water park, movie, Top Golf, kayaks, bike riding and lots of other stuff this year.  We’re pumped!  Tee shirts are ordered, reservations made, discount tickets purchased.  We get this shot every year to “imprint” onto the lives of these precious kids all that’s important to us for them to know.  It’s our legacy to our family.  Please pray for us too.