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Shalom…Larry Link

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Posted: February 17th, 2015

“Do you pray for God to work in the lives of terrorists?” Maybe a better question would be, “Do you believe that a terrorist can be converted to Christianity?” Just how much capability do you think God has in his redemptive work? Do you really want him to convert terrorists? Would you then be willing to walk side-by-side with your newly converted Christian brother who was a former terrorist? Would you ever be able to fully trust him/her? This week in our daily readings from Jonah…it’s not too different than our situation today. The Ninevites were a godless people, and were not anyone that Jonah wanted to have anything to do with. He believed that God should just leave them alone, and when he finally obeyed God and went to the people of Nineveh, they repented and God spared them…Jonah got mad! He got mad at God for sparing these folks. Okay, now honestly, if you were an eye witness to God’s redemptive power in the life of a terrorist, how would you react? He’s God. This is what He does! We have our own picture of God and how WE think He should work, and if his work doesn’t fit our picture, sometimes we question God….just like Jonah did. We’ve given Jonah a hard time all these years, and yet…”if the shoe fits…”.