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Shalom…Larry Link

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Posted: April 15th, 2014

“…but I have prayed for you…” were Jesus’ words to Simon Peter just before he predicted that Peter would betray him in Luke 22 out of this week’s readings.  I’m sure you’re like me, in that you like to hear a friend say those words…but to hear from Jesus…”I’m praying for you.”  WOW!!  You’re probably just like me when you’re going through any of the myriad of life experiences that bring frustrating and difficult circumstances where we must make decisions that we don’t necessarily want to make…to have someone to speak those words into our lives…”I’m praying for you.”  When someone comes alongside us to bring comfort and to share life’s burdens, it brings a sense of peace.  So, since you’ve just received a reminder…tell someone you know/love that you will pray for them.  That’s part of our responsibility as believers…to encourage the saints.  Just Do It!