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Harvest Sunday

Greetings from your Pastor!

You received an email and video from me asking you to give a special offering on November 3 – a day designated as Harvest Day at our church. Our goal was to meet our regular offering requirement for the week (approximately $100,000) and to meet a Harvest Day Offering goal of $300,000. This special Harvest Day goal was determined by our shortfall in giving over the past two quarters of our fiscal year.

Let me share the results of Harvest Day:

Total amount of receipts (including cash, checks, online giving, stock gifts) — $400,000!!!!!

Praise God! Glory to God! By God’s grace, we met our goal. Wow!

Thank you! You responded to your church’s need. It took all of us to do it. Our church prayed and gave sacrificially. I am truly humbled by God’s grace and your generosity.

Also – the good news gets even better: We closed the books on October and our receipts for October 2013 were $79,000 over our total receipts from October 2012! And – our gifts in October were $28,000 in excess of our budgeted goal. Again, Praise God! And, thank you!

Also – the good news gets even better: I have heard from a number of you who have expressed to me how God has worked in your life during the Harvest Day journey. Some of you have shared with me God has led you to re-evaluate your stewardship commitments and you have dedicated yourselves to a greater level of giving and obedience in the future. Again – Praise God!

Thank you for your response to our church’s needs. Let’s all praise God together and move forward as God directs.

I love you and I am grateful to serve as your Pastor,

Dennis R. Wiles, PhD