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Go To Make Him Known

And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8).

Blessing the Nations Wherever We Are

There are four spheres of potential influence for individuals to engage missionally. It is our hope we bless the nations wherever we are and this often takes shape in a number of ways. It could occur through being “sent,” going on a short-term trip or volunteering here in our local context.  

Click here for detailed information on our Mission Trips. The details below provide more information on how you can be involved.

Serving Opportunities

LocalState and North AmericaEnds of the EarthShort-Term Trips

Jerusalem (Local)

Maybe you can’t “go” on a trip or be “sent” long-term but have a heart for the world. We believe a vital part of our commitment to making disciples of all nations is by being intentional to reach those who live in our own city. There are 67 unreached people groups in America and many live in Arlington. This is perhaps one of the most “missional” things you can do through our church and there are a number of opportunities you can consider. For details on local opportunities visit

Judea (State)

One of the most effective ways to engage our state is through our Baptist partnerships. Specifically, we engage through many opportunities and the financial support of Texas Baptists. While we send short-term teams to the border (see trip opportunities) we also want to engage through these partnerships to ensure we are taking the gospel to those in our own state.

Samaria (North America)

There are more than 67 unreached people groups throughout the US and we must remain committed to reaching these groups and the millions of lost people that join them. We send many teams to New York and Mexico but are constantly seeking more ways to engage those within our own immediate region to ensure the gospel is being carried to all people.

Ends of the Earth (Sending)

We are a sending church. FBCA is committed to sending it’s own Cross-Cultural workers anywhere in the world. We are prepared to equip, send and support those that feel called to live overseas. This is a thorough process but one we believe is fundamental to kingdom work. Our church’s core region of focus is West Africa but we are praying for two more to be identified in the next five years. Read more about how you could pursue such a calling and our core regions of focus by visiting

Short-Term Trips

Find out how you can experience the wind by exploring our short-term opportunities. If you find one you like, then register for the trip by selecting this link.