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Give to Make Him Known

The most important aspect to supporting our missional efforts is to give first and foremost to the church as a whole.  Each year, FBCA faithfully develops a budget for all of it’s ministries and we ask that this goal would be the first focus of your financial contributions.  That said, in addition to the general church budget we also have a World Mission Offering that strengthens are commit to carry the gospel both here at home and abroad.  Remember, you can give throughout the year and every time you do the following ministries are impacted.

FBCA’s World Mission Offering

Direct Mission Support (33%) – FBCA is a sending church.  That means we are built to train and support people that have decided to follow God and serve in another country.  So every time you “give to Make Him Known,” you are helping support young individuals and families to serve God across the world.  This includes the Bonnets, Herreras, and Towerys who serve in Sierra Leone and Japan.

Mission Arlington (20%) – If we can share Jesus in other countries we can do it right here in our own city.  Led by Tillie Burgin and a host of other faithful workers our church has been reaching out to the needs of Arlington for more than 25 years.  Every time you “give to Make Him Known,” you are helping support this wonderful ministry that has led and continues to lead so many to Christ.

Volunteer Mission Team (20%) – Every year hundreds of volunteers from our church get in a van or on a plane and travel to key parts of the world to share the gospel.  We send short-term teams to Sierra Leone, Niger, Costa Rica, Brownsville, New York, Japan, India, China, Torreon and Spain.  Every time you “give to Make Him Known,” you help these teams make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Baptist Family (18%) – One of the greatest things about the Baptist family is its long-time commitment to missions.  Whether it is focused here in Texas or across the world, the Baptist family continues to reach the world for Christ.  Through Mary Hill Davis (state missions), Annie Armstrong (U.S. missions), Lottie Moon (international missions) and World Hunger, every time you “give to Make Him Known” you support these strong Baptist ties that continue to take the gospel across the world.

International Friends (4%) – For more than 40 years, every Wednesday morning our church building is filled with people from all over the world.  They come to hear Bible Stories, do crafts and learn English.  On any given week we may have up to 35 countries represented here in our church.  Many of the people who come don’t know Jesus and through the friendships they build they are given a chance to hear.  “Giving to Make Him Known” helps make this ministry continue to faithfully reach all peoples who are here in our own city.

Christian Women’s Job Corp (3%) – This incredible ministry reaches out to women in need to help equip them for life, employment and enriching relationships.  This is women helping women with an opportunity to share the gospel.  Every time you “give to Make Him Known” you help these women embrace these new opportunities.

Community Connections (2%) – Engaging our local community is always a priority of FBCA.  Be it through mentoring young students in Kids Hope or First Fest, Community Connections is focused on taking the gospel to our neighbors.  Every time you “give to Make Him Known” you help mobilize our church to reach our neighbors.