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Fitness Classes

After much prayer and seeking, the Activities Ministry is excited to partner with one of our very own church members, Joseph (Joe) Brown, to offer fitness classes in the Family Life Center.  You will be getting a great workout with Joe and his assistant, Autumn Lortie.

Joe began his work in the fitness industry in October 2011. In January of 2012, the idea to pray before classes along with the quote of the day became a trademark, and thus was born Pushing Limits Fitness. From that time, Pushing Limits has been doing group exercises in homes, on school campuses, and community fitness facilities. Pushing Limits has performed alternative fitness classes for folks that range in age from 7 to 86. The model that fitness can be modified for everyone is written in the core beliefs. Knowing that the Bible teaches that Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52), Joe focuses on strengthening and transforming our mind, body and spirit in every class. He believes that when our bodies are healthy, we not only feel better, but we are better equipped to serve God.  This belief provides the passion he has to see everyone, no matter age, gender or physical limitations to be healthy.

Currently our class schedule is as follows.

Monday @ 5:30 am – Core Conditioning

Monday @ 9:00 am – Core Conditioning

Monday @ 12 noon – Core Conditioning

Tuesday @ 5:30 am – Circuit Training

Tuesday @ 9:00 am – Circuit Training

Tuesday @ 6:30 pm – Circuit Training

Wednesday @ 9:00 am – Core Conditioning

Wednesday @ 12 noon – Circuit Training

Thursday @ 5:30 am – Circuit Training

Thursday @ 9:00 am – Circuit Training

Thursday @ 6:30 pm – Circuit Training

Friday @ 12 noon – Circuit Training

Saturday @ 8:00 am – Boot Camp

Fees are $50 per person per month for unlimited classes.  Joe also has weekly “small group” meetings with 5-6 people for more individualized attention and training.  Payment is due by 8th of each month and payable to First Baptist Church.  To get more information or to sign up for a class contact Brian Sepulveda via email or by calling 817.276.6455.  Don’t miss out on these opportunities to take back control of your physical well-being!