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Offerings from the Communications Ministry


Posted: January 9th, 2014

There are so many things happening right now with Communications, and we want you to be up to date with all the things and hear a word from us on how you can access all the things we offer.

Our new – and free – FBCA App is the easiest way to get the latest news, Daily Readings, Pastor’s Bible studies and sermons.  It’s available for iPhone, Ipad, Androids phones and tablets and WIndows phones and tablets.  You can download the FBCA App here.

Our VIMEO Channel is the place to check out past sermons, Pastor’s BIble Studies as well as other videos from our church.  You can watch VIMEO from both desktop computers and mobile devices.  You can visit the VIMEO Channel here.

You can access past sermons to listen to here on our website as well.  You can also subscribe to our podcast and have it automatically download when you open your iTunes.  Check them out here.

Unfortunately, Time Warner has changed their requirements for what a church needs to do in order to get free programming.  They have dramatically increased the amount of original programming required, and we simply don’t have the budget or staff to meet this demand. We have enjoyed a free service from them for years, but we are, unfortunately, no longer to able to offer our services on Time Warner.

Uverse still allows us to broadcast our services for free.  We are grateful for this offering, but we continue to have problems with their broadcast.  Without getting extremely technical, it appears our signal is leaving our building properly.  It appears some people in Arlington are able to see it while other Uverse people in Arlington cannot.  We are working to remedy this problem and ask for your patience as we work behind the scenes to make it happen properly for all Uverse people in Arlington.