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Boomers (50s – 60s)

Boomers have lived life differently since the day they were born, and they’re still doing it with the first ones already reaching their 65th birthday.  Between 1946-1964 over 80,000,000 baby were born into the largest generation our country has experienced.  Life as we had known it took some abrupt changes.  Now, 65 years later, their influence is still just a strong as they approach retirement.  They have been instrumental in the way our nation lives, and have been the driving catalyst for much of the change.  That’s why our church wants to reach out to boomers as we did in their early years in youth ministry, single adult ministry, and young adult ministry.  Boomers will live longer than previous generations and will forge yet another stream that hasn’t been forged before.  They embrace their pioneer spirit, and our church wants to help them harness all the benefits of living longer for God.  The lead team for this ministry are all boomers, and they are committed to bring programs of interest, variety, and challenge to help boomers address issues of life as well as their spiritual journey.

Upcoming events:

  • National Boomer Conference, Sept 5-6
  • Boomer Square Dance, Oct 17 (Tickets go on sale Sunday, Sept 29 in the Welcome Center)
  • Riverbend Boomer Retreat, January 24-26, 2014
  • Boomer Trip – Texas Rangers Spring Training Camp, early March 2014

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