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This is the place in Global Ministries where we try to answer some of the basic questions about our ministry.  Whether it’s about our staff, committees, or strategy, this is the place to come and find out some more answers.

Global Ministries is without question one of the most complex and diversified ministries at FBCA.  Our work is not defined by a regular meeting time on Sundays or Wednesdays and is not confined to Arlington.  Rather, we span from Arlington to West Africa, Texas to Asia, and beyond.  How do we keep track of everything?  How do determine where to be and what to do?  How do we manage short-term trips and long-term efforts?  Well, it’s not easy.  This page is meant to help you better understand how we do all that we do.  Check out the sub pages to the right to get a better idea.

Global Ministries Staff

Jerimiah SmithLinda Templin

Jerimiah Smith – Director of Global Ministries

Linda Templin – Global Ministries Assistant