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A Word From the Pastor

Posted: July 17th, 2014

Change the World

In 2010, James Davison Hunter wrote To Change the World. In the first chapter of this book, he highlights the various Christian organizations and institutions that express the desire to “change the world” in their mission statements. He briefly remarks on the idealistic desire of these entities that are seeking “to change the world” and then, he sets forth the basic premise of his book; namely that the desire to change the world is not a realistic goal.

In any event – this past Sunday morning, Cindy and I visited a church in Dallas prior to arriving on our campus in time for her to teach Bible Study and me to attend the Connection and Heritage Worship Services. The Pastor of the church in Dallas offered a thought-provoking statement in his sermon. He said, “Everybody wants to change the world – but no one wants to change themselves!” Ouch.

I agree with the Pastor. It is so easy to talk about “changing the world” – but it is more difficult to analyze our own lives and be self-critical. So, this week I have spent some time reflecting upon what it means to be self-aware and to evaluate my own life. I invite you to join me!

First – ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this process of discovery and commitment. His desire is to assist you in becoming more like Jesus. He knows everything about you. He will lead you as you reflect upon your own life. He will guide you in a healthy journey of spiritual reflection.

Second – be willing to be honest with the Lord. Let Him direct your heart. He already knows you – so, you might as well be honest! Maybe more to the point is to be honest with yourself. Be willing to let God’s presence lead you to some honest moments before Him.

Third – take some time to truly reflect upon where you are with Him. Don’t be in a hurry. Give this some time. It takes time to truly assess our spiritual condition.

Fourth – express your willingness to make changes and be obedient to God. If God directs you to make some kind of change in your life, do it. Let Him know that you will actually change.

Finally – share it with at least one trusted Godly friend. Ask him/her to pray for you and love you through your change.

Who knows? If enough of us are truly changed ——– we might just change the world!!