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A Word From the Pastor

Posted: September 11th, 2014

What is God Doing?

These are challenging times. We look around our world and it is easy to find troubled places. So – what is God doing?

I certainly don’t pretend to know everything God is doing. He is the Sovereign God of the universe — so He does what He pleases! However, as I study His Word, I find some clues. He has revealed His will, His heart and His intentions through His Word. We can learn from God’s Word what He is about today.

God is engaged in restorative work – This is a part of His response to the brokenness of creation. Genesis 3 paints a sad portrait of how this all went wrong. Genesis 4 recounts a sad tale of strife and murder. How has God responded to all of this? He is at work restoring what is broken. He is not sitting idly by, allowing things to just “all work out.” No – He is at work restoring His glory. One day – we will enjoy the finality of His handiwork when we experience the new heaven and the new earth!

God is engaged in restraining work – God is restraining evil. That may seem hard to believe right now. But it is the truth. God thwarts the evil plans of nations (Psalm 33:10). God restrains us from evil actions (Psalm 19:13). God has kept powerful people from committing evil acts (Genesis 20:6). So – as bad as our world seems to be, it could be much worse if God were not at work, exercising His restraining influence.

God is engaged in redeeming work – The God of the Bible is a redeeming God. He searches and rescues. He transforms. He called Abram (Genesis 12) and transformed him to become Abraham (father of a multitude). He placed His blessing on Abraham and has blessed the world through him. The great plan of God’s redemption culminated in the Person of Jesus Christ. God has not left us to our own devices. God has not abandoned us to our fate. He is at work in our world through His redemptive purposes. He is rescuing people and changing them into restorative agents who can be used in the great plan of God’s redeeming love.

God is engaged in revealing work – God is making Himself known. He has written His signature across the canvas of creation. His faithfulness is on display through the beauty, majesty, complexity and consistency of creation. He has and is revealing Himself through His Word. The Bible is the revelation of God’s intentions, desires and will. He is most fully expressed through His Son, the Lord Jesus. Through His Spirit, He is making Himself known every day to us.

God is at work in our world! Praise His Name!