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A Word From the Pastor

Posted: March 21st, 2014

FBCA Today 2014

This past February marked 143 years since a handful of hardy Baptists decided to establish a church in Johnson Station. A few years later, this church moved about three miles north to become a part of the newly formed city known as Arlington, Texas. Those early days were both rewarding and challenging for the people who comprised the Arlington Baptist Church. This church really was the first Baptist church of Arlington!

Here we are now – in our 144th year as a church! A lot has happened both in our church and around our church in the past 143 years. That small community of Arlington has grown into a bustling city of 375,000 people spread across 100 square miles! Our city is no longer known as a train stop or a stagecoach stop between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Arlington has its own identity and is known for its entertainment corridor.

Our church has grown up with this city. We now are spread across 6 ½ blocks in downtown Arlington. We are the home church for Mission Arlington. This dynamic ministry now blankets our city with 330 apartment churches. We are home to ministries that literally touch the lives of thousands of people across the world. We are training and sending missionaries to live cross-culturally in Asia and Africa. Each day people come to our campus seeking help from our Counseling Center; or they are trusting their children to us in our Child Development Center; or they are seeking the help of Living Hope; or they are attending one of our many Bible Study groups; or they are part of our Intercessory Prayer Ministry; or they are seeking the help of Soteria – a drug-rehabilitation program now housed on our campus; or maybe they are coming to a meeting that their respective organization is having in one of our buildings.

First Baptist Arlington is truly a busy place. It is a nerve-center for ministries that stretch across our community and even our world. I am truly humbled by how God is using our church to share His love to thousands of people. I am stunned when I look at the statistics and hear the stories behind those statistics. God is at work in this place.

Those early settlers of this community would not recognize our city today. Those early Baptists would not recognize our church either. God had a plan for this church in this community. In fact, He still does! We are alive and well in 2014. FBC Arlington is building on our heritage. And – we have our eyes fixed on Jesus as He leads us forward into a bright future!