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A Word From the Pastor

Posted: November 6th, 2014

Missions 2014

We have launched our annual mission emphasis here at FBC Arlington. Our theme is PLANTED . . . Among the Peoples of the World. I am preaching the entire month from Acts 11 and 13—where Luke describes the establishment of the church at Antioch and its growth as a missional congregation. There is so much to learn from the church at Antioch! 

Also, we are hosting guest speakers on Wednesday nights in November. Numerous Sunday School departments and small groups are hosting missionary speakers. If you have been on our campus, you already have observed the scattering of national flags everywhere. You also will notice the display in the Welcome Center that highlights the theme each week.

We also have launched the World Mission Offering in November. This special offering actually lasts all year long. It is the means by which we support much of what we do in missions as a church. Our goal is to receive $200,000 in undesignated gifts. We will receive many designated gifts to this offering and that is fine. However, the undesignated gifts are spread across the various mission endeavors that represent our church’s investment both here and across the world.

Our hope is for you to be informed, inspired and further invested in missions because of this focused time spent this month emphasizing our commitment to the Mission of God. Our church is fully invested in The Great Commission. It begins right here at home. We have hundreds of people each week engaged in missional activity and ministry here in the metroplex. And our commitment extends across the world through our financial support, prayer support, cross-cultural workers living in Asia and Africa—and our various teams sent out to work in the hard to reach places in our world,

I hope you will avail yourself to every opportunity available to you this month. You can make a difference in other people’s lives as you involve yourself in ministry through the missional life of this congregation. Your financial investments are truly changing lives across our community and the world. Your prayers are supporting our global efforts. Your gracious willingness to be entrepreneurial in missions is allowing us to be on the frontlines in places like Sierra Leone—where you are helping to feed hungry people and provide medical supplies to Ebola-ridden areas. So, you are already making a difference!

I am praying for you as we seek to be obedient to the call of Jesus in mission.