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A Word From the Pastor

Posted: May 21st, 2015


They are inevitable – transitions, I mean. If you live long enough, you will experience many types of transitions. Our church is in the midst of transitions. We shouldn’t be surprised. We have been in Arlington since 1871! Can you imagine all of the transitions our church has endured!

Let me just mention a few changes that we are experiencing. First of all, Cheryl Durham and Ruthie Moore are retiring on June 15. These two ladies have been at the very core of our Business Office for over 25 years. There is no way to thank them appropriately for all they have done. They have served selflessly for such a long time. They have managed us through all manner of transitions themselves. Now, they are both facing their own transitions. We love you, Cheryl and Ruthie!

We have brought Leonard Harris to serve as our new Director of Accounting. He has already begun training under Cheryl’s tutelage. And, we have hired Andrew Tucker to be Ruthie’s replacement. Andrew just graduated from Baylor and is being trained by Ruthie. We are glad to welcome these two new folks to our staff.

We are on the cusp of calling a new Associate Pastor of Music and Worship. I could not be more excited! It will be a time of transition for us and him – and his family. You know that Dr. Barry Rock served as our Music Minister for over 20 years! He now is our full-time Executive Pastor. He is integrally involved in the day-to-day management of our staff and ministries. As you know, we have been searching for his replacement for over a year now. The time has finally come! The Search Committee, chaired so ably by Carey Hendrickson, is recommending our new worship leader this week! Please be in prayer for all the transitions that are on the horizon in our Music and Worship Ministry.

Also, we have been searching for a new leader for our College Ministry. Curt Grice has been working with a team of folks from the Personnel Committee and College Ministry to find just the right person for the job. They have been interviewing potential candidates and are beginning to zero in on the person they are feeling led to call to lead this strategic ministry. It is exciting!

Jaclyn Parrish has been leading our College Ministry since Nick Pitts resigned to work for the Denison Forum. She and her husband, Sam, are leaving us in June to move to Charleston, South Carolina to begin a new branch of Living Hope. We are proud of them – but we will miss them both!

So – there are numerous places in our church’s ministry life that are facing immediate transitions. Join me in sharing in the excitement of new days ahead – and in praying for all God has for us as we face the future!