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A Word From the Pastor

Posted: August 14th, 2014

Real Life!

That is where we live! We live real lives in real time.

This summer has been full of real life for us! Our son, Josiah, married Adrienne. We are so happy for them. It was a great wedding and we love Adrienne’s family. Then, our daughter Hannah had our sweet little Adah Leigh on July 25. Adah has taken over the family with her cuteness. I was with her this very morning. She is just a blessing to our lives.

Hannah had some health complications after Adah was born and had to be re-hospitalized. After surgery and another trip to the hospital, she is FINALLY on the mend. We are truly grateful for her recovery.

We have had weddings and numerous other activities that have literally overrun our calendars. Cindy has been managing a corporate merger between two non-profits. She has also been managing our work in Sierra Leone in response to the Ebola crisis. Let me say, it has been a busy season.

But – isn’t that how life is? It is full. And I am glad. In fact, I am blessed. I love real life! In spite of its challenges, pain, difficulties and frenzy – I still love it.

Jesus both lived a real life and met people in real life. He kept a pretty hectic schedule Himself. He had the burden of fulfilling the great prophetic Messianic promise in one lifetime! He had to transform and train a group of followers who could be trusted to launch the most important worldwide campaign after His death, resurrection and ascension.

He met people who were living real lives – just like us. They had jobs, families, worries, schedules, illnesses, deaths, pain and suffering. He offered them an opportunity to experience His abundance in the midst of their lives. He didn’t rescue them from everything. He empowered them to live through whatever they faced.

So – I hope your life is real right now! I hope it is full and abundant. I hope you are able to find the joy and the presence of Jesus in the face of all you are managing.

Praying for you!