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Posted: October 9th, 2014

God’s Beautiful Design

I have been in Colorado for a few days of hiking, biking and fly-fishing. It has been fun. Cindy and I love it here. The scenery is just spectacular. We hike to the top of a mountain on the backside of the Purgatory Ski Resort — and you can see for miles. Snow-capped peaks, rugged mountain landscapes, a beautiful lake and a breath-taking horizon. Yeah–it is incredible.

I’m not a big fisherman, however I love fly-fishing here in the Pine River. My friend, Mike Steiger is my fishing guide. He has taught me to fly-fish and I love it. The trout literally jump out of the water sometimes. Again–it is incredible.

We have seen wild turkeys, lots of deer and other wildlife. The aspens have turned that bright yellow color that looks like God just plugged them in and turned them on for us. Other trees have turned bright red and stand out in the midst of the many varieties of evergreens. Everywhere you look, you feel like you are on a postcard! The mountain air is crisp and fresh as well. 

Every time I come here, I am reminded of God’s beautiful design of His universe. His glory is on display all around. His handiwork is so beautifully on display in a place like this. This morning, the clouds have dropped in below the mountains and the rain is falling on this crisp fall day. I have found myself just praising Him for such a display of grandeur.

But — His beautiful design is on display in the metroplex as well. I know — it is not in the beautiful landscape per se. Yet, His power is at work in the midst of a bustling metropolitan community each and every day. His transforming power is changing the lives of real people every day in our community. An alcoholic makes it through one more day, clean and sober. He returns home to his family after a hard day at work and engages them in real life without the ravages of drunkenness.

A family works through the pain of broken relationships because of a wayward child. A business leader reminds his employees of the need to be honest and hard-working to serve the needs of their customers. A high school guidance counselor offers wise and godly advice to a young student who is trying to find her way in life. A volunteer at a local school mentors a student in both math and life. An engineer plans a safe road system to handle the traffic associated with new economic development. A physician utilizes her skill by performing a life-saving surgery. A first-responder rescues a wounded person from an accident.

You get my point. God’s design is not just on display through majestic mountain scenery. He has designed us to be fruitful and exercise dominion over His creation. He has offered us the opportunity to work alongside Him in His Kingdom endeavors. He is using real people in the bustling, busy, demanding life of the metroplex to express His design and reflect His glory. We are agents of restoration and healing. He uses us at work and in ministry to bring about the accomplishment of His will.

I’m about to head out and fly-fish for a while. The rain is dropping softly and I am looking forward to witnessing God’s glory again today. When I return home, I will hope to be sensitive to the displays of His glory where I live and work each day.