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Summer Bible Study 2014

So, What Are We Supposed to Do?

Christian Living in a Post-Christian Context

August 10-13, 2014

Welcome to a study of Christian Ethics. This is a mere outline of the four lectures that I delivered to our church in August of 2014. This is certainly not intended to be an exhaustive treatment of the subject of Christian Ethics. It is just an introduction.

What I hope to accomplish in these lectures is to provide you with a framework to assist you in your journey in this significant endeavor. You are a Christian ethicist! You are developing your own ethic. You are shaping and influencing others as you apply what you believe through your behavior.

So – here is a brief outline of Christian Ethics. The first lecture merely lays a foundation. The second lecture demonstrates the complexity of the endeavor of Christian Ethics and how it might be applied to a complicated subject like the relationship between the Church and the State.

The third lecture offers insight into the process of constructing a Christian Ethic to address a particular topic – namely, biomedical issues. Finally, the fourth lecture contains a brief ethical treatment of family and sexuality.  The audio version of each lecture is available on iTunes or can be downloaded from our website at

I hope these brief lectures inspire you to study, reflect and apply what you are learning to the challenges you are facing as a fellow follower of The Jesus Way!

Dennis R. Wiles

Download printable notes here!