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Family Night at FBCA May 22nd

Here at FBCA we’re placing an emphasis on families.  As you know, families can be made up in many ways… couples with no children, couples with children, single parent families, blended families, aunts and uncles living in your home, multigenerational families, multicultural families and on and on.  What we do know is that God created families!  He loves His children and he loves when His children have fun and fellowship together. So, we have decided to host a variety of Family Nights through the year which will make it easy to have that fun and fellowship!  Some of these will be held in the Family Life Center (FLC) and others will be off campus.  Be sure you invite other folks, whether they are singles, grandparents with or without their children/grandchildren around, neighbors with or without children – all are welcome!  Since this is a time for all members of the family, childcare will not be available. 

  • Friday, May 22nd, 6:30pm-9pm          Family Life Center   We will have Pickleball in the gym (Pickleball is a little like tennis…and a little like ping pong…and a little like badminton and other racquet sports all rolled into one using a wiffle ball!) and activities for younger children in the Racquetball Court (like parachute games).  Prefer less active fun?  Bring your favorite board game or card game to play with others!          *** Pickleball is offered in the gym weekly on Monday evenings from 6pm-8pm and on Wednesdays from 11am-1pm.  ALL are welcome to come and play!